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Weekly Menu

Meals: Contains Nuts

Healing Chicken Ginger Porridge

This soft, savory Chinese postpartum classic was made to nourish & heal. Pasture-raised chicken bone broth supplies essential minerals, nutrients, and collagen protein, while antioxidant-packed fresh ginger warms the body & soul.

Almond, Maple & Rosemary Oatmeal

Made to fuel motherhood, this protein and energy booster features a delicious blend of chia seeds, flax seeds, rolled oat, and goji berries. Topped with sweet and savory almond rosemary crunch.

Thai Tom Kha Gai

We love this Thai classic for a nourishing blend of lemongrass, ginger and coconut milk to support lactation. Delicious umami flavor from fish sauce provides a boost of vitamin D and iodine, essential for supporting immune & thyroid health.

Southwest Bowl

A beautiful medley of vitamin-packed bell peppers, luxuriously puréed black beans (also an excellent source of iron & protein), wholesome brown rice, and vegan chorizo made from a blend of almonds, walnuts, chickpeas & warming spices.

Chai-Spiced Walnut & Pear Oatmeal

A blend of fragrant spices including ginger, cardamom, and Ceylon cinnamon make this lactation boosting oatmeal so nourishing. Topped with superfood goji berry and nutritious deglet date pieces.

Milk Making Nut Bombs

These beloved nut bombs are a new mother’s breast friend, and incredible for increasing supply and quality of breastmilk. Within one day, our clients report up to a 20% increase in milk production!

Seasonal Veggies Egg Bake w/ Dandelion Leaves & Fennel

We love pasture-raised eggs for being rich in vitamin D, important throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Seasonal greens like fennel supply prolactin, which can promote production of milk, and dandelion greens can support digestion and relieve postpartum fluid retention.

White Bean, Spinach & Chicken Soup

Creamy pureed white beans in coconut cream, nutty sautéed immune-boosting shiitake mushrooms, tender pasture raised chicken, and nutrient-rich spinach from local Texas farms. Made to nourish for postpartum & support healthy lactation.

Blueberry Quinoa Cookies

These beautiful, plant-powered bites are packed with nutritious nuts, fruits, & grains to nourish and fuel motherhood. A fun way to enjoy quinoa, these healthy quinoa breakfast cookies are sweetened with fresh blueberries and maple syrup.

Coconut & Carrot Cake Bites

These beautiful, plant-powered bites are packed with nutritious nuts, fruits, & superfood seeds to nourish and fuel motherhood.

Nourishing Zucchini Bread

Plant-rich and packed with nutritious super seeds and nuts to nourish. Enjoy this irresistible snack warmed or grab a quick bite to fuel your day!

Coconut Cream of Mushroom & Chicken

The most luxurious mushroom soup we've ever had—This delicious medley of fresh, adaptogenic mushrooms supports hormonal balance. Creamy coconut milk & walnuts nourish with healthy fats and support your quality & supply of breastmilk.

Lentil & Squash Soup w/ Seed Crackers

Seed crackers packed with healthy omega fats are perfect for dipping into or crumbling over this warming butternut squash soup. Packed with red lentils, this nourishing postpartum soup is rich in iron and folate.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Tender, yogurt marinated pasture-raised chicken from local Texas farms is braised in a warming blend of Indian spices. Served with nourishing lentils, roasted eggplant, and basmati rice.

Nourishing Borscht w/ Pork

Our take on warming Ukrainian borscht, a hardy vegetable & pork soup & of course, beetroot! This hearty soup is packed with vitamins & minerals & pasture-raised pork stock that supplies collagen-rich protein to support postpartum recovery.

Berry, Thyme & Pistachio Porridge

Our porridge blend is high in protein, dietary fiber, B vitamins. Topped with macerated blackberries and fresh thyme leaves for a sweet & fragrant breakfast to nourish and fuel your day.


Have more questions about Ritual Meals? View our frequently asked questions below.

  • What is Ritual Meals?

    Ritual Meals is a postpartum meal delivery service. Our signature postpartum meal delivery product is The Postpartum Program, which includes meals, snacks, and teas shipped weekly to your doorstep. Customers receive orders with all the fresh meals, snacks, and teas you need to enjoy nourishing postpartum food prepared by our chefs. We save you the time and energy of going to the grocery store, finding new recipes, meal planning, and portioning.

    Our talented chefs work with our Wellness Team to create new menus each week for you, based on what’s seasonally available from our community of local farms and ranches. We use the highest quality ingredients which are organic or pesticide free produce and grass-fed or pasture-raised animals.

  • What are the benefits of postpartum food and Ritual Meals?

    We understand that, as a new mom, you've got one of the hardest jobs in the world—so we created The Postpartum Program to help you heal and feel your best after giving birth. Our postpartum meals are nutritionally designed to support your physical recovery, energy levels, hormonal balance, milk supply and quality, and mood. At Ritual Meals, we are serious about supporting your postpartum nourishment and postpartum wellness journey. Everything we cook is made with the highest quality, whole food ingredients, good for you and your baby, whether or not you are breastfeeding.

    Our postpartum nutrition philosophy is focused on food as medicine.

    Our postpartum meals include both plated food and soups and stews which are more easily digestible and improve absorption of essential minerals and vitamins that the body needs to repair, restore, and fortify after birth or surgery. Grass-fed and pasture-raised animal stock are the base of all of our soups and stews, supplying essential nutrients, lean protein, and collagen to boost energy, support and heal connective tissues, and support healthy metabolism.

    If you are breastfeeding, our postpartum meals can provide measurable benefits for your milk supply and quality. Our postpartum meals often include galactagogues (ingredients which support milk supply and quality), including flax seeds, oats, tahini, brewer’s yeast, and more. We also avoid ingredients that could be associated with colic or sensitivities for breastfed babies, including cruciferous vegetables, garlic, and hot peppers.

    * This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to starting this program if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medication or nutritional supplements.

  • How much does Ritual Meals Cost?

    The Postpartum Program at Ritual Meals is priced starting at $176 per week. Meal frequency per week can be customized, which changes the cost of the program. As well, if you opted into our Subscription option, you can save up to 10% each week and receive free delivery with promo code FREESHIPPING.  Customize your postpartum plan to view prices.

  • What kinds of ingredients does Ritual Meals use?

    All meals are made to order and made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients. We prioritize local and organic produce and use only meat sourced from local farms that sustainably and humanely raise their animals. Our animals are always grass-fed or pasture-raised. Our produce is plant rich, organic or pesticide-free, low gluten, no refined sugars, and non-GMO.

    Organic or pesticide-free, whole, unprocessed foods are both more nutritive and more flavorful. We thoughtfully pair ingredients based on complementary benefits. For example, these pairings—lentils and red bell pepper, sesame and salmon, pasture-raised eggs and leafy greens, and chicken and quinoa—allow you to absorb more nutrients and experience their healing benefits.

  • What if I have allergy or dietary needs?

    Due to the small size of our culinary team, we are currently unable to offer substitutions in our menus, which are set weekly. To receive weekly email notifications about our upcoming menus which lists our full ingredients, please subscribe to our newsletter below.

    Please note: our Postpartum Program is not intended for severe allergies. If you have any questions about how we can support your dietary needs, please reach out to our Wellness Team at

  • How do you keep food fresh in transit? What if I am not home?

    We pack the postpartum meals fresh with care using 100% recyclable, insulated boxes and drain safe gel packs designed to keep your food refrigerated on the way to your doorstep.

    We understand that when it comes to birth, timing may not always happen according to plan. We highly recommend recruiting the help of a friend, neighbor, or family member so that if you aren’t able to get to your food when it arrives at your doorstep, they can help you store it in the fridge until you're ready to enjoy them.

    The delivery driver should leave the package for you at your door with no signature required. We package our postpartum meals in 100% recyclable insulated liners with drain-safe gel packs, so that your food stays refrigerated in transit. If you have any concerns with the temperature or condition of your meals once delivered, please contact our Wellness Team at

  • Where does Ritual Meals deliver?

    We ship across the continental US to your doorstep! If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Wellness Team at

  • How do I get started with Ritual Meals?

    You can get started by selecting your program options on the Postpartum Program page

    If you would like any help choosing a program that works best for you, please email our Wellness Team at and we’d be happy to help!

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Locally Sourced

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Sustainably Made

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Gives Back

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